My Crafty Origins

April 12th, 2018

Where and how did I start?

My interest for handmade fibre arts started at a very young age, after watching my mum create numerous beautiful pieces of art. I was fascinated with needlepoint and crochet specifically and got her to show me how to do both.

In the last 4-5 years, I picked both back up and I'm so glad I did. When I picked up an ebook on making people in cross stitch form back in 2015, with the idea of making a bunch of Christmas presents, I was pretty much hooked again. It was a lot of fun recreating my family and friends in pixel form with a physical medium.

Floral banner - made by me in 2001
A brazillian embroidery piece I made back in 2001!

Much to my surprise, after I started to create 'my family' through the years (something I had wanted to do for quite a long time), I had numerous people pipe up saying how adorable they were and that they would love to purchase one for themselves or a friend. So I figured 'well, why not?'. I adore making them and if I can continue that while funding my hobby... that sounds perfect!

So right now, I'm building up a portfolio. I am thankful I took some photos of previous work I did back in 2015 (below) but -as you would expect- I have improved a lot and added new tactics and stitches to my arsenel.

Examples of some stitch people families and just some miscellaneous cross stitch pieces

Like these? You should check out my current work. I (personally) think it's even better than this!
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