March Meet The Maker 2020

What is 'Meet the Maker'?

I'm not sure when the whole thing started, but last year I noticed people I was following were posting on Instagram themed posts with the hashtag #marchmeetthemaker. I noticed it a bit late but made a mental note that I wanted to join in [next] year, as I really liked the idea!

Basically, #MarchMeetTheMaker is a series of 31 loose, open-to-translation prompts to post about each day of the month, giving yourself an interesting way to let your following get to know you.

I have been making an effort to plan my posts ahead so it doesn't become a chore or infuriating to do, and I am only posting them on Instagram (not Facebook or Twitter) but you are more than welcome to follow along or even join in!

I've been pretty open about what I write in the descriptions of each post (for the ones I've -as of writing- already written), in an effort to connect, help people wanting information on how to get started in small business or in cross stitching, or to feel less alone in this crazy world. If any of my posts resonate with you, I'd love to hear your comments either on the post or privately.