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So what is this?

My goal all along in providing cross stitch patterns was that eventually, I would make updates, improvements or additions to them (especially my available fonts). People who had already purchased the files would be able to get these updates for free.

However, it came to my attention that any updates I make to my digital files, previous Etsy customers of mine were not able to get the changes without re-purchasing it again. Not cool, Etsy!

So, my work around for this is: Anyone who is interested in lifetime updates of their previously purchased [through Etsy] files of mine can sign up using this form and will be notified of changes.

If you have purchased any patterns through my website (ala Gumroad), you don't need to sign up here as you're already eligible for free updates. Nice job!


If you are wanting to sign up for product updates and receive them, you are required to provide your order number that Etsy sends you. This is to prove that you've actually purchased the product and you're not just trying to score free patterns 😂

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