'Just Breathe' Embroidery Pattern

Come learn some new stitches! You can get my free embroidery pattern and learn at your leisure!

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Custom Stitch People Portrait

One of a kind. Custom and handmade to your specifications. Extremely detailed. You'll love it.

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'Minecraft World' Cross-stitch Pattern

My latest foray into a DIY cross-stitch pattern. An optional purchase to customise it however you see fit!

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Juliet Embroidery Font

Latest, most complex of my fonts. Inspired by hand lettering; Juliet!

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Parks & Rec Sampler

Get this jam-packed 10" x 8" pattern of your favourite government branch - available now!

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Decor Elements

Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra "oomph" to a cross-stitch. Let these little motifs and such save you time and energy.

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Latest patterns

Two Little Kits is the brain child of Kate. Currently making gorgeous, personalised, handmade home decor and downloadable cross-stitch & embroidery patterns & fonts for personal use.

Kate is an Australian located in Washington State, raising two rambunctious kids (6yo and 8yo) & taking life one day at a time. She has adult-diagnosed ADHD and suffers mental health issues, and is an advocate for smashing the stigma behind both.

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Custom, Handmade Cross-stitch People Portraits

Special events, displaying friendship, 'cotton' anniversary gift, remembering a loved one - the reason behind getting a stitch people portrait is endless. Let me make that one-of-a-kind piece special for you.