Frequently Asked Questions

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Compiled below is a list of some questions I get asked often, as well as some questions I think could be useful to have answers to for someone who might be wanting to get started in needlepoint or other similar things.

This page is a constant work in progress and is obviously not an exhaustive series of questions one might have. I'm adding to it as often as I remember!

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch and I'll do my best to answer. Responses will take ~1-2 business days.

Purchasing Digital Patterns from Two Little Kits

What is the license for your printable patterns?

This is a great question and also a very important one that might lead to further questions.

All of my patterns are under a Personal License, which means you are granted an ongoing, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to make use of the PDF pattern.

This license is for one copy of the pattern available only on your personal computers and/or devices. It also allows you to print a copy of your pattern for personal use, only.

Can I get my pattern printed by a professional printing company?

Yes, as long as the final, physical copy is intended only for your personal use. Sharing and redistributing the pattern is prohibited.

Can I use your cross-stitch patterns digitally?

Absolutely! There are numerous applications -both free and paid- that will let you view (and even annotate, depending on the software) the .pdf file electronically.

Here are some helpful links depending on your device:

Can I use part or all of your pattern to sell my own creations?

No. This includes my decor patterns. All of my cross-stitch and embroidery patterns are for personal use only which does not include a commercial aspect to them.

My fonts, however, can be used in a pattern that you list, as long as the following criteria is met:

  1. You are not using the entire alphabet in your pattern (IE: basically giving the file you've purchased "away"), and
  2. You provide a working link back to the font in question in your shop listing that is not hidden away.

Being told about the patterns you've used my fonts in is really appreciated and I generally give a social shout-out to them, as I love to see my work being used!

Can I sell my finished pieces that I've made from your patterns?

This is a tricky question that I've considered over the years.

When it comes to my decor and fonts; yes you can sell what you've stitched. That is partially their intended purpose.

With my completed/full patterns, no, you cannot sell the item you've stitched. In the past, I have allowed this but I have changed my stance on it as of mid-2022. I hope you understand this decision.

Beginner to Cross-stitch

I'm brand new! Can you help me get started, please?

Certainly I can!

I have a new-to-cross-stitching series of blog posts that are a great place for you to get started at.

The main few things to note with cross-stitch are:

  1. Keep all of the tops of each cross facing the same direction
  2. Your floss comes with 6 individual strands. See the below question about this. Patterns will generally give you a suggestion on how many strands to use!
  3. It's a lot of counting but it's like any other skill. Once you've practised, you'll do great!

What are the basic materials I need to start cross-stitching?

The absolute basic things you will need are:

  • Aida fabric (Don't forget to consider fabric count!)
  • A tapestry needle
  • High-quality 6-strand cotton floss
  • A pair of scissors

This is not an extensive list, simply the absolute basic necessities to get started.

What does my pattern mean by "Use 3 strands"?

If you are using what is called a "6 strand embroidery floss", this means that your skein is comprised of 6 individual strands of thread, clumped together to form the skein.

So what your pattern is asking you to do is remove X [in this case, three] strands from the group of 6 and stitch with that many. NOT 3 clumps of the skein.

Beginner to Embroidery

I've never embroidered before! Can you help me get started, please?

Yes! I haven't written any beginner posts for embroidery just yet, but I have done a few live stitch-alongs, one of which is aimed specifically for someone like yourself!

Check out my "Just Breathe" embroidery pattern, where you will learn all those second-nature-to-an-expert steps you will need to know to be able to create a beautiful, completed piece!

Pattern Making

What software do you use to create your cross-stitch patterns?

It depends on what I'm creating the pattern for.

I use two different cross-stitch pattern makers: PCStitch and WinStitch.

When I am creating a pattern that only I will use, such as a commissioned stitch people portrait, I will always use PCStitch. It's easy to learn and simple to use, however the pattern it produces is less than ideal.

If I'm designing something that I plan on either selling or handing off a commissioned pattern design, I will always use WinStitch. It produces a much cleaner pattern file, which is also much more professional looking.

What software do you use to create your embroidery patterns?

After sketching my design, I use Adobe Illustrator to vectorise my scanned design. I learnt how to use Illustrator whilst at TAFE so it felt like a natural transition. It isn't an easy piece of software to learn, so be aware.

What hardware do you use to create your patterns on?

I am a PC gal, so I use a combination of my home computer (running Windows) as well as my Microsoft Surface Pro with stylus.

A birds-eye-view of stitching supplies such as scissors, floss, fabric and hoops. All circled around my own business card.

Question not answered?

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