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Cross-stitch & embroidery patterns, and custom portraits

All patterns are sold safely, securly and easily through Gumroad. All are priced according to complexity and can be found on each pattern's page. Quite a few are PWYW pricing; I would just love to see your finished piece/WIP of them!

Custom Stitch Portraits

An exceptional present. A timeless keepsake. A "gift-giving competition winner". A lovely comemoration of a special time or event.

Whatever you are looking for, I can help you create a beautiful, handmade, 100% customised gift that you are sure to be blown away by. I can't wait to work with you.

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Digital Cross-Stitch Patterns

With the majority of my cross-stitch patterns being 'pay what you want', there is surely something that will whet your appetite to get stitching with.

I mainly focus on creating patterns that appeal to me, personally. TV shows my kids watch and enjoy, games I like or have a connection to in some way, TV shows that have influenced me somehow, quotes or sayings that have made me think and reflect, or many other reasons why.

I'm also not adverse to making a custom pattern for you, so if that's what you're looking for, hit me up.

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Embroidery Patterns

You keep scrolling through Instagram, or maybe Pinterest, and you see so many gorgeous hand-made designs of beautiful stitches and think you could never do that - but you'd love to!

Well I'm here to show you how you can and better yet, you'll learn while you stitch one of those lovely-looking designs. Not some silly little swatch of stitches that isn't a proper finished piece.

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Embroidery & Cross-Stitch Fonts

Early in my stitch people journey, I couldn't find any lettering that I liked to use specifically for the portraits I was making. I was also in to hand-lettering, so I figured, 'Why not mix the two interests together to solve a problem?'.

That was how "Alison", my first font, was created. It was so well received and even requested, I decided quickly to add more fonts to my collection and list them for anyone making patterns to buy.

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Counted Cross-Stitch Samplers

Samplers with boring graphics, the alphabet, numbers and a lame border are a thing of the past. I realised that being able to compile all the things that stood out to me regarding something I love, mashing them up together coherently and making it into a pattern could be considered a cross-stitch sampler.

So that's what I started to do. And it's a lot of fun!

I hope you enjoy these trips down memory lane regarding fandoms as much as I did while designing (and stitching myself).

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Cross-Stitch & Embroidery Decor

Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra "oomph" to a cross-stitch. Maybe you're looking for a nice, easy, calming, micro-cross-stitch to do. Perhaps you are looking to create your own silly little design for a friend?

Whatever your need is, you can find my decor elements for embroidery and cross-stitch here. Let these little motifs and such save you time and energy, while putting a little smile on your face.

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Overwatch Cross-Stitch Patterns

My video game choice of escape, I really have loved playing this both by "myself" as well as with groups of friends.

I don't recall my train of thought going into making this into a large-scale project, but I do know once I started on the first character (Tracer) that I would enjoy this process.

Project is [hopefully] an ongoing thing as each new character is released in Overwatch 1. I've taken a break to focus on other projects so a few characters are missing.

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