"Minecraft World" - Cross-stitch PDF Pattern

PDF Pattern

Cross-stitch Pattern + Optional Extras

I don’t know about you but I’ve spent many hours playing Minecraft with my husband and I’m now starting to introduce my children to this game. It is surprisingly deep, if you’ve never tried it before!

It’s likely though, you know someone who is a fan of this game. It’s challenging, creative and engaging. So why not create a piece of artwork for yourself or someone you love to capture those fun times?

So what are my options with this pattern? There are 3 choices:

  • The basic pattern is for a PDF pattern ONLY for you to stitch. It’s exactly what you see in this preview!
  • The customisable pattern is for you to choose what you want to do!
  • The DIY pattern is simply all the blocks themselves.

With the customisable & DIY versions, this can make for a very unique and personalised gift. The choice is yours! Have some fun!

Download the "Minecraft World" pattern

Optional Extras:

Customisable Pattern



  • You get everything - the premade pattern and the building blocks!
  • All the Minecraft world blocks I've designed.
  • The 'basic' pattern.

DIY Pattern



  • Go crazy and make your own world from scratch!
  • All the Minecraft world blocks I've designed ONLY.

Helpful info:

  • Finished size: 6.4" x 6.4" when using 14ct Aida cloth
  • Colours used: 46 total
  • Stitches used: Cross-stitch only
  • Don't forget to leave space around your piece for framing!
  • Due to the nature of a digital download, refunds will not be given.

'Minecraft World'. PDF cross-stitch pattern available for purchase through twolittlekits.com