Custom Cross-stitch - Holiday Ornament

A Personalised, Handmade, Family Memory

Who doesn't like looking back and reminiscing on how things were, especially when it comes to family and friends? This year, why don't you start a new tradition and immortalise your loved ones in a hand stitched ornament?

You will receive a handmade, personalised cross-stitch & embroidered piece that can be treasured forever. No more wrestling with photographers and stuffy outfits and grumpy husbands. Let me make you a adorable piece that you can hang on your tree (or anywhere else you like!) year after year.


Some Previous Examples

Stitch people ornament 2021
'The Richardsons' - An adorable family of 5 with adorable Christmas sweaters, a sweet, ginger kitty and some festive holly decorations.
Stitch people ornament 2021
'Paxton's First Christmas' - Commemorating a handsomly-dressed baby's very first Christmas with candycane string and festive presents.
Stitch people ornament 2021
'Erin & Olivia - 2021' - A beautiful mother and daughter portrait, each with superb hair!

Helpful info:

This listing is for one custom, hand stitched cross-stitch finished piece. You'll receive a finished ornament which is perfect as a gift for any holiday occasion or just as a piece for yourself in your own home!

The base piece that you choose is either 1-2 characters or a building outline. From there, you can choose to increase character number or upgrade to a cross-stitched building.


  • A pet (no matter what kind) or baby are considered a character.
  • There is no design review for this product so being descriptive as possible about what you want is required.
  • Unless discussed prior, the delivery timeframe for this will be before December, 2022.

Extra Information:

  • Every custom piece is hand stitched by myself to your specifications using either a sparkly DMC light-coloured Aida fabric or a bright white Aida fabric -depending on stock- at a 14ct with DMC embroidery floss.
  • Each piece is finished in either a 3" or 4" embroidery hoop depending on the number of characters.
A long, birds-eye-view photograph of 13 ornaments laid out on top of a faux bushy garland with berries and christmas lights.

The ornament of our family is AMAZING! The little details on our clothes, the wreath and mistletoe are so perfect, and Kate absolutely nailed the coloring of our dogs. I was just thrilled when I received it in the mail and it went straight on the front of our Christmas tree!

— Kate

I ordered a Christmas tree ornament stitch portrait of my family and absolutely love the result! The detail is incredible and it's the new centerpiece ornament of our tree. Thank you for creating a new family heirloom for us to cherish for years to come!

— Latham family

A listing to receive a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind handmade cross-stitch ornament with a person, character, building or pet. The perfect holiday gift for a loved one or for yourself. Available for purchase through