"Vote Out" - Cross-stitch PDF Pattern

PDF Pattern

I realised recently I’ve been pretty silent regarding political issues on here. It’s not that I have been afraid of voicing my opinions or losing followers, I guess it’s mostly because I’ve focused on my own little bubble and dealing with my own shit to consider expanding my little venture with designs that incorporate that kind of stuff. I’ve focused on things that make me happy or ways to help my mental health or whatnot.

But you know what is not helping my mental health and isn’t helping my happiness? Not being able to vote in the country I live in.⁠

I am an Australian citizen, living in America. I have been here since late 2015 so I’ve watched the bullshit that 45 and the Republican party have wrought on this country from front-row seats. And not being able to have a voice in what happens here is… hard.⁠ I saw a design on my Facebook of this Among Us/Trump crossover and knew it was my perfect way to have some kind of voice in next month’s election.

So please. Don’t take your right to vote lightly. Don’t fall prey to the lies and slander the Right have fabricated. Please get yourself informed and vote because not everyone has the ability to.


  • Full-colour pattern with symbols & helpful notes
  • Symbol chart
  • List of required(/suggested) DMC thread colours


The recommended price for this pattern is $2.

This pattern is a PDF instant download, so you can get started straight away.



  • Finished size: 1.9" x 2.1" when using 14ct Aida cloth
  • Colours used: 12 solid colour.
  • Stitches used: Cross-stitch, backstitch.
  • Don't forget to leave space around your piece for framing!
  • Don't forget to leave space around your piece for framing!
  • Due to the nature of a digital download, refunds will not be given.
PDF cross-stitch pattern available for download through twolittlekits.com