Reviews and testimonials

Unsure what people think about their final custom portrait pieces?

Here's a few reviews I have received from some of my customers. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them! Head over here to ask away.

  • Daniela's finished piece
    Daniela 2nd Jan, '22
  • Anonymous 26th Dec, '21
  • Katie's finished piece
    Katie 26th Dec, '21
  • Carolyn's finished piece
    Carolyn 29th Apr, '21
  • Great communication, beautiful work and quick turn around. Highly recommend!

    Posted by Valerie on  14th Apr, '21
  • Anonymous 13th Apr, '21
  • Greg's finished piece
    Greg 23rd Sep, '20
  • Kate's finished piece
    Kate 12th Jan, '20
  • Andrea's finished piece
    Andrea 25th Dec, '19
  • Emily's finished piece
    Emily 12th May, '19
  • Keely's finished piece
    Keely 13th Oct, '18
  • Kristen's finished piece
    Kristen 13th Aug, '18
  • Faith's finished piece
    Faith 31st Jul, '18
  • Kate made my husband's father's day gift, and it was so perfect. She captured our family beautifully, and it was super fast to us. 10 Stars, highly highly recommend. She works hard to make sure it is as accurate as possible, right down to the color of my daughter's glasses and the bow tie on our dog!

    Posted by Miranda on  21st June, '18
  • Rothy's finished piece
    Rothy 28th May, '18
  • Sharon's finished piece
    Sharon 17th May, '18
  • Kate created an absolutely adorable family portrait that perfectly represented my little family, right down to my baby’s favorite lamb hat. The quality of the work, and the attention to detail is truly remarkable. The portrait now sits on our mantel and has received numerous compliments from guests. I whole-heartedly recommend Two Little Kits!

    Posted by Tiffany on  28th April, '18
  • Kate's attention to detail on my wedding portrait was STUNNING. Check out that detail stitchwork on the flowers and boutonniere! The dress, the veil, the leaves, the hair... she even got my earrings. Astonishing. A+, definitely recommend for a lovely anniversary gift.

    Posted by Elisabeth on  28th Jan, '19
  • Two Little Kits did a cross stitch of my family, and it came out absolutely gorgeous. She caught my family and our pets and all of our distinguishing characteristics perfectly. Love it!

    Posted by Suresh on  28th Apr, '18