My current WIPs

What is a WIP you might ask?

WIP stands for 'work-in-progress'. It is the project (or in many crafter's reality, projects) that someone currently is working on at any current moment.

I generally have multiple projects going on at one time, as it allows me to work on something in any given situation. A big project will be worked on at home, a smaller project can be mobile and come out with me, and there are projects such as my #tlkswatch project that I can work on for a brief period of available time wherever I might be.

The list of my WIPs as of 7th of August, 2023

My stuff

Design stage

  • Merch: New Designs
  • Font: "Paige"
  • Pattern: "Quilt Love"
  • Pattern: "Send Memes"
  • Pattern(s): "Curse Words"
  • Pattern: "13th Doctor"
  • Pattern: Temperature chart
  • More embroidery patterns

Stitching stage

Other stuff

Things being test stitched*

Upcoming embroidery how-tos:

  • TBC

Things in "time-out"**

At the moment, this is in no particular order. If there's something you see here that you would love to have finished because you want it, let me know!

* Shout out to my awesome test stitchers (in alphabetical order)!

** What does this mean? You know when you get mad at something you did when stitching a pattern and you get so frustrated that you can't just work around the mistake? So you are eventually going to need to unpick stuff to be able to continue?

It's when that happens and instead, you hide the project away for a period of time. That's a project "time-out" 🤣. I also include pieces that aren't bringing me joy.