How to Support

I love your stuff - now what?

I see you there - maybe you downloaded a freebie and want to show that you like it. Maybe you've been following my work for a while. Maybe you love that font you purchased and thought for what you paid, you got so much use out of it that it's paid for itself 10x over. 

You might be asking yourself "What is the best way I can show my support?". Well, here are some ways you can do just that - and no, not all of them are monetary!

Social media

Follow me on my social accounts:

The best things to do to help the algorithm gods are things like:

  1. Like posts/videos
  2. Write a [nice] comment!
  3. Share my work (stories, retweet, repost, duet, etc. Just depends on the website)
  4. Follow my account

Leave a review:

Depending on where you purchased something (I do have an Etsy store, for example), writing a review of your product is such an easy but powerful way to show support. 

Monetary tips:

I know this isn't something that everyone can do necessarily, due to personal situations and that is perfectly fine. See the above, free things you can do! However, if you want to show support with 💰, here are some ideas:

However you decide to show your support: Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it.