My current WIPs

What is a WIP you might ask?

WIP stands for 'work-in-progress'. It is the project (or in many crafter's reality, projects) that someone currently is working on at any current moment.

I generally have multiple projects going on at one time, as it allows me to work on something in any given situation. A big project will be worked on at home, a smaller project can be mobile and come out with me, and there are projects such as my #tlkswatch project that I can work on for a brief period of available time wherever I might be.

The list of my WIPs as of 3rd of Feb, 2023

Design stage

Things being test stitched*

At the moment, this is in no particular order. If there's something you see here that you would love to have finished because you want it, let me know!

* Shout out to my awesome test stitchers (in alphabetical order)!