FlossTube #47 - It's time for teacher gifts again..!

FlossTube #47 - It's time for teacher gifts again..!

Apr 17, 2023

Watch my 47th FlossTube right here!

Watch time: 22:36

What's happened?

I finally got my butt in order and gathered photos to get started on teacher & therapist gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week next month. So with those, as well as a new stitch-along beginning, I have all of the WIPs..!

Aside from that, I also completed a piece and hand delivered it, I got caught up on a few things I forgot to mention last FlossTube and chatted about what's been going on outside of stitching & Two Little Kits.

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What's FlossTube?

FlossTube is a community on YouTube of people who use fabric, thread and anything in between to create pieces of art. It not only includes cross-stitching and embroidery, but it also includes quilters, designers and anyone else who does stitching-related crafts. It's a way for someone to share what they're working on, "swag" they've received, sharing tips and techniques, celebrating finished pieces and so much more.

I'm hoping to build on my little community that I've got by expanding more to YouTube and what better way than to show off what I'm working on and boast about my latest finished pieces?

It's neat to be sharing with you all what I'm working on outside of regular social media posts, like the usual over at Instagram. I hope you're enjoying my FlossTubes! Don't forget to;

over there if you like what you see!

Myself and Jessica - one of my awesome test stitchers!
Jessica & I!

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