Stitch People FAQ - All Your Questions Answered on How To Order

by Kate Anderson on Nov 18, 2019

Stitch People FAQ - All Your Questions Answered on How To Order

Getting your very own custom cross-stitch

So, you've decided you'd like to place an order for your very own Two Little Kits stitch people portrait. That's excellent news! I cannot wait to work with you. The process of placing an order might feel confusing but I promise you, it isn't. Here's how;

What do I need to work out first?

First of all, you need to decide on a few things before placing an order.

  1. How many characters you would like your stitch people portrait to be. A character can be defined as any of the following:

    • An adult
    • A teenager/child
    • A pet/animal

    There are a few exceptions to this rule but the main one is; newborn babies being held by an adult are only considered one character (the adult). If you're not sure if your character should be counted for whatever reason, get in touch with me first!

  2. What kind of framing -if any- you want your piece to be completed in.

  3. If you're wanting writing on your piece, what do you want it to say. Keep in mind there is a limit of two lines of text.

Cross-stitch finished piece: A family of 4 with the writing "Home Sweet Home"
Cross-stitch finished piece: A family of 4 with the writing "The Rappas"
Cross-stitch finished piece: A multi-generational family of 7 with the writing "the Ryans"

A small example of stitch people families

What do you need to start with?

There's some information I need up front after your order has been process before anything can begin. These are:

  1. Photographs of each person and/or animal. This can be in the form of 1+ photo(s) of each character, or just a single photograph of every character.

    Things I'll need from these photos:

    • Hairstyle & colour
    • Outfit of choice ( don't forget shoes!)
    • Any special, visible, specific jewellery, tattoos, birthmarks, animal collars, etc
    • Any equipment the character needs (eg: wheelchair)
  2. The content of writing - if desired. Check your spelling & grammar!
  3. If you have a specific order of people you'd like. Otherwise, I will use artistic license.

To gather this information, within 1 business day I will contact you directly through the Etsy messages centre asking for all of this. You can provide it all before hearing from me if you wish, of course!

Then what?

After that, I will get started on the design of your portrait piece and provide you with a first draft to look over and review. If there's any changes you want, now is your chance to say something. It's not often I will do more than 2 drafts, simply because I have time constraints. So be picky, be detailed, be direct.

After you've 'signed off' your design, I get started on stitching!

This is probably the hardest part for you, the customer. You might not hear back from me for a while, while I stitch away. Sometimes, I'll use your piece on social media for sneak peeks and tips on 'how to' do certain stitches I think my followers might find interesting. But outside that, it could be radio silence. Please don't think I'm ghosting you!

Once I'm finished stitching, I will send a photograph of the piece to get approval. This is not the time to make design changes , this is only to confirm I didn't miss anything you deem important, if I got everything right, or just to squee at your upcoming piece.

Cross-stitch finished piece: A new family of 4 (1 being a dog!) to commemorate their 2nd wedding anniversary
Cross-stitch finished piece: A new family of 6 (with a dog and 2 cats. Oh and some baby chicks!) to commemorate the birth of their first child
Cross-stitch finished piece: A family of 4 with a custom request of an owl for personal reasons

More examples of stitch people families I've completed

When will I get my finished piece?

This is a harder one to answer. It depends on a few things:

  1. How quickly you get all the above information to me (and if I find I need more information, I will get back to you with questions).
  2. How many orders I have happening currently.
  3. The time of year (November/December is notoriously busier, for obvious reasons!).
  4. Where I'm shipping to.

So keep all of this in mind when ordering.

So you're ready to order your custom portrait

All of my stitch people custom portraits are processed through my Etsy store. On there, you will also be able to see how many available. For any extra information I've not mentioned here, head over to my stitch people shop page to place your order!

Purchase a Custom Portrait

I can't wait to hear from you and work with you in creating a one-of-a-kind family heirloom that is yours to keep forever.

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