Cross-stitch Inspired… Everything!

by Kate Anderson on Feb 22, 2019

Cross-stitch Inspired… Everything!

Who says cross-stitch -as an art form- is dying?

I often see recent blog posts over the internet saying that cross-stitch is [basically] "uncool" and is a dying artform. Where are these people getting their opinions from? 🤷

A search for not only cross-stitch patterns but for cross-stitch inspired 'things' shows up so many awesome results. Just check out these things that are just inspired by this simple, yet awesome form of art.


Cookies with cross-stitch designs dotted on them? Almost too good looking to eat, wouldn't you say?

I'm amazed at how long these take to make since the finished result is likely to be eaten.


Cross-stitch tattoos can be both enormous and delicate. It all depends on how the tattoo artist does each little cross. Check out these awesome examples! I'm in love with the whirlpool colours.

Save Татуировки крестиком ну раке, пальцах, запястье, шее и т.д. (55 фото) Тату эскизы, фото, лучшие тату мастера Украины и России 40-psueq785g8s
Save Beautifully embroider your skin with cross-stitch tattoos Mashable Cross-stitch tattoo design.
Save Del bordado a la piel: tatuajes hechos con punto de cruz Nueva Mujer Hermosos tatuajes inspirados en bordados de punto de cruz o cross stitch


Make pho-cross-stitches to create a motif for stationary, web design elements or for your brand, such as these gift tags and gift decorations by Stitched Modern.

Yarn Bombing

This artist has created cross-stitch -esque wall coverings to give an old building new life. Yarn crossed through a simple mesh? Sign me up!

" Street art" by Arquicostura

Cross-stitch doesn't need to be simple crossed, forming a square. Backstitching, half stitches (only doing one of the crosses), fractional stitches, french knots and other embroidery stitches can be incorporated to give a piece life.

Final thoughts?

The best thing is you can undo what doesn't work. You can try different colours to change a design. Even how you frame a piece changes how it looks. So I encourage you to ignore the comments that say cross-stitch isn't cool or that it's dying out, because that is far from the truth.

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