Stitch People Gathering in Utah

by Kate Anderson on Feb 05, 2020

Stitch People Gathering in Utah

How was the gathering?!

So like I mentioned in a previous news post, I recently took my first interstate-USA trip ( kid-free!) to attend the February 2020 Stitch People Gathering event! It was a whirlwind of a trip (I left late-Friday afternoon and got back home late-Saturday evening) but I had a great time.

In hindsight, I would have flown in a bit earlier and stayed an extra night so that I could've taken in more of Utah itself. I would've loved to see the countryside more (Every time the mountains caught my eye, I was just gushing over them) and just felt like I could've spent a bit more time chilling, stitching and chatting with some people after the event.

Fantastical setup of a giant, 3D 'STITCH''with an elaborate balloon setup above it'

Sunset from my Uber
I left late Friday and since I caught an Uber, I got to watch the sunset. Gorgeous!
The airplane I was set to ride in
…starting to feel real!
Ariel view of Los Angeles at night
Cya later, LA!
Sunrise behind mountains in Provo, UT
My first glimpse of Provo, UT. Since I arrived so late I didn't see any scenery until the morning of.
My packed bag, ready to head off
Packed and ready to walk to the event centre. I was very glad I bought a winter jacket prior - it was cold!
Gorgeous view of snow-capped mountains at Provo, UT
I couldn't get over the gorgeous views the entire day. How amazing is this?

As I was walking up to the Elevé Event Centre, (where it was roughly 1°C - I was very glad I had bought a winter coat specifically for this trip!) my social anxiety tried to get the best of me. Thankfully, logic took over and won that fight. I knew it could be awkward and weird and I would have to get out of my comfort zone; anxiety be damned!

I went upstairs after signing in and saw the lovely setup, a smorgasbord of fresh fruit and other breakfast items and the awesome balloon & light setup; "STITCH". People slowly trickling in, feeling potentially as awkward as I did, not recognising people because -let's face it- meeting people you've known online can be weird.

A welcome placard on a pretty table
Ahh, the centrepieces had little floss-bound bobbins poking out. I loved this!
Tasty treats on each table
Some goodies for all of us waiting as we entered.
Panels discussing things related to Stitch People
Betsy teaching everyone how to do the Turkey work stitch.
Panels discussing things related to Stitch People
Melissa talking about planning and designing backgrounds and buildings.
A messy setup of my cross-stitching work in progress
I stitched throughout Jenny talking family tree designing as well as the improv entertainment at the end.
Spencer and Lizzy - the hosts and owners of Stitch People
Lizzy & Spencer themselves. They did so great!

I took some photos and sat down near the front, introducing myself to some people. It was great to listen to the panels, talks and live entertainment while I stitched away. People gushed over my accent (I forget how amazing I sound to Americans 😂 Especially to those outside California) and I even helped the woman sitting next to me with some tips on how I do realistic hair.

But then it was over. I hung around and chatted with other 'stragglers', went to the Hyatt hotel across the street and had pizza and cookies with Spencer & Lizzy and a few others. But eventually, 6pm rolled around and I had to head back. So I split an Uber with a new friend and flew back home. It was over as quickly as it began.

What's next?

At the end of the event, Lizzy announced that they would be doing another gathering in 2020, this time in southern California. So of course, I have to go; it'll be in my hood!

Cabin inside the airplane taking me back home

The thing that I'm unsure of is whether or not I sign myself up for speaking on a topic or not. A few people said they would love to hear me talk about stitching fonts (since I've sort of inadvertently dubbed myself "the font lady" without meaning to 😂). The thought of getting my name out there in that sort of way, helping people who're interested in the same hobby as mine, etc. speaks to me.

The big kicker is; the thought of public speaking like that scares the shit out of me.

So, what could I do? 🤔 Leave a comment below!

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