Colour Palette - December 2020

by Kate Anderson on Dec 27, 2020

Colour Palette - December 2020

Let's make a new palette of colours!

I know a lot of us are upset we haven't been able to see family for a long time now. So to help with this year's holiday blues, I thought it might be nice for another cheery, festive-looking photo for this year's final colour palette.

Each month, I am taking a photograph I quite like aesthetically and choosing a colour palette from it. Then from there, taking those colours and converting it to DMC flosses. Again, just in case [legal reasons and yada yada]; I'm not endorsed by the company DMC, I just love the quality and options provided.

The chosen palette for December
The chosen palette

I really love the website Unsplash for high-quality, free-to-use, random stock photos (hence why I'm constantly referring back to the artist of whichever photo I do use!) so let's keep it going with making a DMC palette from another gorgeous photo via there?

So now we have our colour scheme, let's convert these RGB colours into DMC colours!

246, 27, 56 666
89, 0, 17 814
245, 3, 113 3804
103, 142, 65 469
242, 179, 124 3827
The floss colours picked
The floss colours themselves!

Vivacious, bright and eclectic

What a palette! These colours together make me think of festivals, floral clothing and having a beautiful time with friends. These colours on a black fabric would pop and add colour to any home. I don't even know where I'd start with a pattern, but I know it would look absolutely fabulous!

So keeping in mind there 16,777,216 different available colours when using the RGB scale ( 256×256×256) and only 500 colours in the DMC selection, sometimes getting the absolute perfect colour can be a bit tricky. Sacrifices and allowances must be made.

Looking at these colours together, I see a great palette to do some abstract pieces, some childrens-inspired designs or even some blackwork, if you're feeling adventurous! What kind of things can you see yourself making from these colours?

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