Lazy Daisy Stitch // Hand Embroidery Stitches

Lazy Daisy Stitch // Hand Embroidery Stitches

A neat little lazy daisy stitch by itself
A neat little lazy daisy stitch by itself.️



Lazy Daisy Stitch aka: Detached Chain Stitch, Single Chain Stitch, "Lazy Daisy"




Isolated Looped


crewelwork stumpwork surface


Embellishment Flowers Powdered Filling

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This stitch is frequently employed to create petal shapes and small leaf patterns and motifs. The Lazy Daisy Stitch is notably straightforward and versatile, not restricted solely to petals and leaves but applicable to more intricate designs as well.

A Lazy Daisy involves a single chain secured with a holding stitch over the loop instead of forming another chain. For a slight variation, refer to the long-tailed daisy stitch.

For further context, please refer to the entry on Chain Stitch.

Step 1 - how to stitch the lazy daisy
Take the needle up through the fabric where you wish the pointed tip of the shape to be.
Step 2 - how to stitch the lazy daisy
Take the needle back down through the fabric, through the same hole, creating a loop on the surface. Hold onto the loop to avoid pulling it through.
Step 3 - how to stitch the lazy daisy
Decide on the length you would like the stitch to be and bring the needle up in the inside of the loop at this point.
Leave your needle in the fabric and draw the thread through to tighten the loop against the needle.
Step 4 - how to stitch the lazy daisy
Take the needle over the loop then down through the fabric to make a small holding stitch to secure it.


Details about the history of the Lazy Daisy Stitch come from it's origination; the Chain Stitch.


Here are some projects you can complete that include this stitch!

Reference: RSN Stitchbank

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