Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2024

Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2024

Finding a New Normal

March was a month of healing and physical improvement for me after the serious and wild first two months of the year that I had. I started the month with just having had my feeding tube removed and by the end of the month I was back at martial arts.

Over the past month; I did a lot of stitching, worked a lot on my website and dabbled in some embroidery designing. I didn't get around to much cross-stitch pattern designing (which I need to get back to..!) or actual hand embroidery - if florals on a stitched portrait don't count!

A LEGO set from the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons
I love these new LEGO sets!

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Leading image: I love when the cherry blossom tree outside our house blooms!


Although it didn't feel as though I did a lot of stitching during March, the proof says otherwise.

I touched on a large number of pieces during March -all cross-stitch- and (as you'll see further down) I even completed two pieces. Not too bad if I say so myself!

One of the pieces (the future cross-stitch pattern) I've talked about previously on Instagram and in Discord channels I'm a part of is really close to being completed. I'm just trying to work out next steps on fixing the design itself as I'm not happy with how it's turned out so far. There is also a stitch portrait that is really close to being done, too; which is exciting!

Anyway let's check out my March WIPs.

A cross-stitch daily-stitch-along work-in-progress
"Flower Field" DIY cross-stitch pattern: Jan-Mar
A cross-stitch work-in-progress that is almost done
"Greenhouse of Oddities" Stitch-along by Lola Crow Cross Stitch.
A cross-stitch work-in-progress
"Village in the Valley" by Flossy Fox Shop
A cross-stitch work-in-progress that also has hand embroidery
A stitch people portrait with florals.
A cross-stitch work-in-progress
"The Gamer Tarot" by Black Waltz Stitching
A cross-stitch work-in-progress
"Pixel Dragon Adventure" Stitch-along by Flossy Fox Shop

Finished Pieces

As I mentioned before, I was able to complete two pieces during March (thanks ADHD for finally letting up and allowing me to finish something - lol!): A stitched portrait and a design by Black Waltz Stitches called "The Stitcher Tarot".

Stitch Portrait

It's been some time since I completed a stitch people portrait and oh man have I missed it.

Because I had missed stitching them, I decided it was time to gift another portrait to someone I follow on social media as my way of saying 'thanks' for making funny/informative/helpful/etc content.

A cross-stitched portrait of a royally-dressed woman with two small children, one sitting in an old-timey black pram. There is a small floral decoration completed in hand embroidery and the piece is surrounded by faux-greenery.
A close-up of the stitched portrait's florals
A close-up of the stitched portrait
A close-up of the stitched portrait

I plan on writing a full post about this piece in the near future with more details, so stay tuned for that!

Want your own piece like this?

If you or someone you know is interested in ordering a stitch people portrait as a gift or for a special occasion, don't hesitate to reach out to me and let's chat!

"The Stitcher Tarot"

Before I purchased this pattern, I had been eyeing it off for some time, considering it's purchase. I then saw it had a few companion tarot designs, one of which is called "The Gamer Tarot" and I knew that I had to get both of them to represent myself (the Stitcher) and my husband (the Gamer)

A finished, framed cross-stitch piece of a pretend tarot card called "The Stitcher". The imagery shows stitchy paraphernalia on and around it.
A close-up of "The Stitcher" cross-stitch piece
A close-up of "The Stitcher" cross-stitch piece
A close-up of "The Stitcher" cross-stitch piece


Regular 'ol stuff happened during March but some other things happened, too! My husband had a trip for work that took him to San Diego, CA for a week during March and thankfully, solo parenting during that time was easier than I anticipated!

Kate getting a cuddle with Noodle the cat
Getting a snuggle with Noodle

Weight-loss Progress

I wanted to do another update on how things have been going since I had my weight-loss surgery. This will likely be the last update in quite some time since things are pretty chill now.

So far, I've lost 65lbs and although I'm not done losing yet, I definitely see it. For example, I went to edit my 71st FlossTube vlog the other day and accidentally pulled the wrong clip to begin with and saw myself in a video from ~5 months ago. I feel like I look so different.

Kate's left hand - she is wearing a wedding band (which is plain in design) and an engagement ring (which is a simple, small, square diamond)
My rings fit again!
A photo of Kate, who has a gentle smile on her face.
When I compare photos (and videos!) of myself, I can see the weight-loss.

I don't feel any different physically yet, but I definitely feel like my health is improving. I'm not ready to buy a new wardrobe -I want to do that when I've lost a bit more- but most of my clothes don't fit me any longer.

Activities & Shenanigans

I've been trying my (introverted) best to help my two very extroverted children get the stimulation they need, partially in preparation for the upcoming summer break, by getting out and about as much as possible. So we made some easy trips such as Starbucks and the local library, activities with school friends and such.

I also had to get my car jump started after it decided 45mins after I had just said to my husband "I really need to get my car serviced soon". It must've heard me, I guess.

A little girl looking up at a water feature in a local library. She is cradling an orange stuffy.
Our local library has an interactive water feature that the kids love.
A photo of a high school play of 'The Addams Family'
Alex & I went to the local high school play with her friend.
Kate, sitting in her car, pointing to a car mechanic.
Thank goodness for AAA car service - my car wouldn't start!


Although we are not a religious family, we celebrate Easter (since my husband's and my family both did so). It's a low-key celebration and even more-so this year as we didn't have an Easter egg hunt (to my kids dismay. I thought they'd both grown out of it!).

Aside from eating way too much candy, both my kids and I did a cookie decoration activity where I'd found a package of hard-frosting cookies with edible-ink markers and we coloured in said cookies. The girls really enjoyed this and it was a nice activity to do with them.

A young girl concentrating on colouring a cookie with special edible-ink markers.
A coloured-in cookie where the image is a baby chick making a mess of painting.
A young, special-needs girl with a soft smile holding her cookie that has colourful, edible ink scribbled on it.

New Blog Posts

Since stitching has inadvertently fallen to the wayside, I've been trying to focus more on website content since I've been lacking a bit in that department.

I also finally got my butt into gear and started releasing my "How-to Stitches" posts for hand embroidery stitches. I've been meaning to make these for such a long time, since I originally posted the videos themselves over on my YouTube channel, life just kept getting in the way. As well as forgetfulness..!

Here are two posts I published during March, as well as the new "stitches" posts!

Stitches - Blog category

View the current posts

What is "FlossTube"?

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Seasonal Cross-Stitch Projects for Home Decor

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Stitch-along Preparation

As you will have seen above in the WIPs section, I have almost finished the "Greenhouse of Oddities" stitch-along cross-stitch pattern. I told myself that I couldn't start a new stitch-along until I had completed one of my existing ones.

So when Lola Crow announced that she was holding a new stitch-along called "Deadly Aquarium", I knew I had to get cracking on one of my SAL WIPs!

The stitch-along starts this month (April) and has 13 parts (I believe)

A big bundle of DMC floss skeins on a piece of blue-grey fabric
Floss for the upcoming SAL; "Deadly Aquarium"

Embroidery Pattern Designing

Another thing I've been working on while not stitching has been embroidery pattern designs. I wanted to share some of the pieces I've made - if you really like any of them in particular, let me know in the comments below!

Digital floral design
Digital floral design
Digital floral design
Digital floral design
Digital floral design
Digital floral design

Social Media

Ooph. social media.

I've definitely been trying to post more often (specifically each weekday) but it's been difficult to come up with something new to talk about each day. Even as I'm writing this, I know I haven't made a post today and it's weighing on me.

So I have been -and still am- trying my best to give myself grace and remind myself that Two Little Kits is just me and I don't have a marketing team or whatnot at my disposal. So what I can post about is great, otherwise I should… chill out a bit.

Instagram phone mockup - April 1st 2024
April 1st stats for Instagram (5,768 followers).

Thank you for sticking with me, thank you for reading this post and until next time..!

👋 Kate

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  • Jamie
    Apr 13, 2024 at 18:50

    I really like all of your embroidery patterns! I ESPECIALLY like the send love one! 🥰🥰 You’ve been quite busy! Well done!!


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