Monthly Wrap-Up: April 2024

Monthly Wrap-Up: April 2024

A Nice, Calm Month (Before the Storm)

April was met with keeping busy with family, a bit of frantic stitching (more on that later), a new merch release and still more attempts to build up the practise of posting more to social media. Nothing seriously huge to share, but new things nonetheless!

I do, however, feel like I'm missing something that either happened or I worked on here. Maybe I'll have to come back with an edit..?

A close-up photograph of a bright red ladybug on a three-pronged green leaf
My daughter & I spotted this cutie on a walk.

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Leading image: Milo decided to "help" me while we were playing "Wingspan" one day.

Finished Pieces

I put the final stitches in a number of pieces during April. Always a good feeling to finish one project, let alone three.

Let's check them out!

Stitch Portrait

The first completed piece was in the works for a number of months. It began just before Thanksgiving, when a stitcher friend of mine held her annual "Friends-giving" giveaway. I like to ask for the stories she receives when my stitchy workload is easy, so I can help another family in need. After reading the story of the Sherrills, I knew I wanted to make them something.

So here it is! Completed a fair few months slower than I would've liked, but worth every stitch nevertheless.

A cross-stitched portrait of a family of three people and one dog, known as "the Sherrills". Above and around the characters is hand embroidered flowers.
A close-up photograph of a family of three stitched people and one dog
A close-up photograph of hand embroidered flowers on a cross-stitch portrait
A close-up photograph of a cross-stitched dog on a portrait piece.

I plan on writing a full post about this piece in the near future with more details, so stay tuned for that!

Want your own piece like this?

If you or someone you know is interested in ordering a stitch people portrait as a gift or for a special occasion, don't hesitate to reach out to me and let's chat!

"Greenhouse of Oddities"

The second finished piece was this gorgeous, huge stitch-along I began last year by Lola Crow. I told myself as I purchased the pre-sale of her current stitch-along, "The Deadly Aquarium" that I couldn't begin work on that until I completed one of her other stitch-alongs.

So I got cracking! It helped that I only had one final section to stitch (the biggest section, mind you) but it was easy to get it complete.

A large cross-stitched finished piece called "Greenhouse of Oddities" by Lola Crow. It's stitched on 18ct Aida fabric and is extremely detailed.
A close-up photograph of a section of the "Greenhouse of Oddities" cross-stitch piece.
A close-up photograph of a section of the "Greenhouse of Oddities" cross-stitch piece.
A close-up photograph of a section of the "Greenhouse of Oddities" cross-stitch piece.
A close-up photograph of a section of the "Greenhouse of Oddities" cross-stitch piece.
A close-up photograph of a section of the "Greenhouse of Oddities" cross-stitch piece.
A close-up photograph of a section of the "Greenhouse of Oddities" cross-stitch piece.

You can get this pattern for yourself right here.

"The Gamer Tarot"

If you remember from my March 2024 wrap-up post, I completed a piece called "The Stitcher Tarot" and was working on a companion piece to it. Which was this piece in question!

I enjoyed working on this piece with its bright colours, simple-to-stitch design and cute imagery. Now I just need to hang the two pieces up [no, I still haven't!].

A completed cross-stitch pattern called "The Gamer Tarot Card" by Black Waltz Stitching, framed in a white, wooden, 5x7" frame.
A close-up photograph of the "Gamer Tarot" cross-stitch piece
A close-up photograph of the "Gamer Tarot" cross-stitch piece
A close-up photograph of the "Gamer Tarot" cross-stitch piece

You can get this pattern for yourself right here.


Remembering that I completed three pieces during April (meaning they were a work-in-progress, too!) I touched on a number of projects this month. Six of which were new pieces that I began work on after quickly realising that May was just around the corner.

So as you will be able to see, because I completed my Greenhouse piece, I got started on the Aquarium, I did a little more work on my own family portrait from 2022 and -of course- more flowers in my Flower Field.

Let's see the progress!

A work-in-progress cross-stitch of my DIY Flower Field pattern
"Flower Field" DIY cross-stitch pattern: Jan-Mar
A work-in-progress cross-stitch of a pattern called "The Deadly Aquarium"
"The Deadly Aquarium" Stitch-along by Lola Crow Cross Stitch.
Six work-in-progress cross-stitch pieces of stitch people portraits (bust up only). Each piece includes two people
Six stitch people pieces in 4" embroidery hoops.

New Merch Design

"My Therapy"

Keeping on-brand with my business theme of stitching + mental health awareness, April's merchandise & apparel design came easily to me. Getting it looking nice on the products themselves was a little tricky and finicky, but it was worth it in the end!


No big ticket items or show-stopping events happened during April; just lots of day-to-day living, enjoying my little family.

Solo Parenting Week

One week during April had me flying solo when it comes to parenting. My husband had a trip to Texas for work-related things and it was down to me to do it all.

I both enjoy and despise these sorts of weeks when they happen. It's nice to have the house to myself when the girls are at school/in bed, but otherwise I'm reminded that my husband and I are truly a team when it comes to parenting. We can help each other tap out when needed and bounce ideas off the other when things get sticky.

The week went by without a problem, so hooray for that!

A few kids playing at an indoor playground that's inside a McDonald's location
My girls loved our McDonald's dinner outing
Two young, happy girls standing outside in the wet waiting for the bus.
Getting the girls ready each morning alone was frantic!

Day-to-Day Shenanigans

Playground outings, ice-cream from the local shop, three separate trips to the vet for all the cats (they're all fine!), setting up sensory-seeking activities and a wide variety of TV-show watching were all had. Amongst other somewhat mundane things.

What is your favourite "mundane" activity to do with your family? Leave a comment below!

A vanilla-flavoured soft serve with a little bit of sweet toppings
Ice-cream treat
A sweet 9-yo girl smiling, wearing a puffy coat and a handmade, real daisy-chain flower crown on her head.
Made a daisy chain crown
A multi-coloured cat (Zoe) cuddling Kate while waiting at the vet
Took all the kitties to the vet - All in perfect health!
A hopscotch design made with blue painters tape on a hardwood floor. A girl in a pink & blue dress is actively doing it
Made a hopscotch layout that Alex LOVES.
A young girl watches TV with a video of painter Bob Ross on it
Introduced the girls to Bob Ross.

The Pond

Near to our home is a water catchment that my youngest daughter likes to call "The Pond". It's her favourite place to take a walk to and we usually get to see some kind of animal there whenever we visit. Things like rabbits, ducks, frogs and once we even saw a deer!

I just wanted to share "The Pond" with you all because it is a nice little retreat that's close to home for us.

A pond
A girl in the distance runs alongside a pond edge. There are two ducks in the water swimming away from her.
Two young girls sit together, cuddling while looking out over a pond.

New Blog Posts

As you are all likely aware, I've been slowly migrating all my old blog posts from my pre-shopify website to here. It's a process that's taken me over 12 months to do, but I'm on the home stretch!

Aside from that though, I've been writing newer posts, too. Maybe you've missed them.

In saying that; here are new posts I published during April!

A red-coloured, hand embroidered basket stitch

View the stitches

FlossTube #73 - Watch Me Make More Work for Myself in Real Time 👀
Kate holding a bunch of WIPs - cover for her FlossTube

Read & Watch Here

"The Zeisers" Wedding Portrait
A close-up angled photograph of a stitch people portrait

See Photos

Stitching By Colour or Section: Pros and Cons
A close-up photograph of the cross-stitch pattern "Inside Jokes"

Read more

Social Media

Growth (or lack thereof) has made my interest in posting on Instagram stagnant and hindered. I have the want to post, but not the drive to come up with ideas on what to post. It's extremely frustrating!

I have noticed though that in posting on my stories almost every day (thanks to my Flower Field), my connection with some followers has strengthened. A surprising and lovely change that's occurred!

Anyway. Here's hoping I can make May more productive and full of ideas when it comes to posting on social media. Fingers crossed for me!

Instagram phone mockup - May 1st 2024
May 1st stats for Instagram (5,763 followers).

Thank you for being here, reading through this post, encouraging me along my tracks and until next time..!

👋 Kate

Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2024

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