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Recent(ish) Portrait - The Barberousses' Stitch People Piece

by Kate Anderson on Dec 20, 2022

Recent(ish) Portrait - The Barberousses' Stitch People Piece

(Initial note: Oh my, I have fallen so very far behind with these finished-piece wrap-up posts! I'm promising myself to do better at writing for my website for 2023. I guess it could be considered a new years resolution..! Anyway, onto the beautiful piece!)

A giveaway winner portrait

Earlier this year, I hit a few follower-count milestones (when my reels -and reels in general- were popping off). When I reached 4,000 followers, I decided to do a giveaway for a 4-character stitch people portrait. I've done this in the past and really enjoyed it as I make it clear that I have creative freedom to try different things, while still providing a finished piece that they will love.

During the stitching phase of this piece, I was wanting to have a "play" with some florals but didn't have an opportunity with other works I had going on at the same time. Then time passed and my giveaway winner was being super patient, so I decided to throw in the florals for free for being incredibly kind and patient!

A cross-stitch and hand embroidered stitch people family of a man, woman and young son. Around them is text and embroidered flowers.
The beautiful little family.

Let's see some details

If you asked me what my favourite part of this piece was, I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you. It's such a hard choice between the woman's dress, all of their hair, the gradient in the dogs fur and -of course- the florals.

It often amazes me what we, as needlepoint artists, can do with something so intricate and tiny as a strand of floss. The smallest details can enhance a whole section so much, it truly feels like magic.

A close-up photograph focusing on a large banner of floral hand embroidery work. There are 4 pale-blue flowers and three pastel-pink flowers. Surrounding them is branches of leaves and sweet yellow dots.
These florals. I just freaking adore them. The simplicity combined with the different stitches..! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
Learn more about my portraits
A close-up photograph of a cross-stitch & hand embroidered woman wearing a pale pink, floral dress. She has brown hair and is next to a (hinted) stitched dog and man.
Look at this dress. I am just amazed at what we can do with just a few strands of thread and some patience..!
A cross-stitch and hand embroidery depiction of a little, blonde girl. She is wearing a blue and black dress, teensy little grey shoes and a yellow bow in her hair.
An adorable little girl
A photograph of a woman and man done in cross-stitch and hand embroidery. The woman is wearing a floral dress done in satin stitch and the man is wearing a black suit with a purple shirt. Above them is a hint of floral hand embroidery work.
Mom and dad all dressed up looking fancy
A cross-stitched, black and grey dog with a blue and white bandana around its neck.
A doggo with a spiffy bandana!

Final Thoughts

I truly love making stitch people portraits and it's results like this that show me physical proof that my love for it, translates to something so special and beautiful.

I have a number of portraits that I've stitched since this piece was shipped off to the winner of the giveaway and I am looking forward to sharing details of those pieces with you, too. I honestly amaze myself with pretty much every portrait I make with how it looks once it's finished.

But for now, let me know in the comments below what your favourite part of this piece is. I truly would love to know!

Nancy Free
'Nancy' - Cross-Stitch Font
Download your copy

Lettering on this piece is my free font; 'Nancy' - get it for yourself today!

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