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Recent(ish) Commission - The Pruitts' Stitch People Couple

by Kate Anderson on Sep 30, 2022

Recent(ish) Commission - The Pruitts' Stitch People Couple

A portrait to match a photo

I'm still catching up on sharing round-ups of portraits I've stitched, so thanks so much for being patient with me. These have become important ways of closure in a way for each portrait!

So today, I want to bring to you a portrait I completed earlier this year -and actually got to hand deliver to my customer in the end..! It is yet another wedding stitch people portrait [yes, they do make absolutely amazing wedding gifts, don't they?!] and I am so glad I pushed myself with the florals and went with what I had envisioned. It was totally worth it..!

A cross-stitch stitch people portrait of a bride and groom
The happy couple!

Let's see some details

Photos and videos won't ever do this piece justice, I swear. This final piece is just gorgeous and despite the people looking nothing like my husband or I and that isn't my surname, I really didn't want to give this piece up 😜 When you feel that way, you know you've done your best job on a specific final portrait.

I don't know what is my favourite part of this completed piece. The woman's hair (done using a Turkey Work stitch)? The simplicity of their clothing? Those beautiful white-to-colour flowers (stitched using 3 different stitch types)? Who can say.

A photograph by my customer of the couple - the reference image.
The reference photo. Can you see it?
All of the stitching.
I didn't want to give this piece away. It came out SO good!
Close-up picture of the flowers at an angle showing just how 3D they are
Look at all of that texture!
Learn more about my portraits
Close up photograph of the flowers next to the man showing a number of different stitches used.
Drink in all those detailed stitches!
A photograph of the woman's hair stitched using Turkey Work stitch
3D hair? Of course! This used the Turkey Work stitch.

Final Thoughts

I definitely hit a point during the stitchy process of this piece where I doubted I was doing the right thing. Thinking to myself that I had tried to go too extravagant and use too many different techniques, overpowering it all. So this definitely became another one of those "trust the process" moments for me. It was taking a lot longer than I had anticipated and it kind of looked awful during the first half of stitching it. But hot damn, look at how it turned out..!

Every single cross-stitch portrait I stitch up holds a special place in my heart. Yes; I realise how sappy and cliché that sounds but it really is true. When you spend the amount of time I do working on a single piece of art, where your customer is trusting the quality of your finished work, it's hard not to hold it dear to you.

Or maybe I'm just a weirdo 😘

Nancy Free
'Nancy' - Cross-Stitch Font
Download your copy

Lettering on this piece is my free font; 'Nancy' - get it for yourself today!

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