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Recent Piece - The Myers' Family Portrait

by Kate Anderson on Jan 18, 2023

Recent Piece - The Myers' Family Portrait

(Yes; I am skipping ahead a little with these portrait posts. But that's because I am just beside myself with this piece that I can't wait to share it in detail!)

Background Info

If you haven't heard of Elyse Myers before, then I'm happy to introduce you to a wholesome, neurodiverse-safe, crazy-IRL-story-telling, relatable, all-around-awesome person. I've been following her account (not only on Tik Tok but on Instagram too) for about a year now. She became very well known on social media after sharing a crazy story she lived that involved a first date and 100 tacos.

Her content has [surprisingly] been a welcome, important part of my life in a small way, as she shows the world that it's OK to be authentic, different and kind through her videos. I can't imagine how crazy her life has been over (I think?) the past... 18 months? It must be wild.

Anyway. Because her content tickles me, makes me feel less alone and is just generally enjoyable, I decided about halfway through 2022 that I wanted to make her and her family a stitch people portrait.

Therefore, I made this:

A cross-stitch and hand embroidered stitch people family of a man, woman and young son. Around them is text and embroidered flowers.
*chorus of angels sing*

Let's see some details

I feel like there is so much to share with this piece when it comes to details, so bear with me. I have contained myself though, so you don't just see the same things over and over, just at different angles β€” lol!

A cross-stitch and hand embroidered depiction of a woman with brown curly hair, a yellow tshirt and demin pants.
Elyse, wearing one of her branded t-shirts (in stitch form that is)
A cross-stitch and hand embroidered depiction of a little boy in a camo coloured outfit. He has messy, blonde hair and is holding his parents hands.
Little August holding mom and dad's hands. His outfit came out great!
A cross-stitch and hand embroidered depiction of a man in a dark grey, collared, long-sleeved top (which has a sun on the breast), grey pants and short, light-brown hair.
Elyse's husband; Jonas, also wearing one of Elyse's merch items.
A close-up photograph of hand embroidered flowers, a work-in-progress. before
I started off doing the flowers like this and just didn't like how they were looking. So I cut the whole thing out.
A close-up photograph of hand embroidered flowers in a different style than before. These ones are lighter in colour, more gentle in style and much more polished in look. after
I then started a new design with lighter colours and I LOVE how they turned out. Each side is different and unique.

What is that stitch?!

I might be obsessed. Yeah, I said it.

These pink flowers are one of my newest obsessions with hand embroidery. It consists of two different stitches, and one of the stitches is done in two different ways. I hope that makes sense..?

The two stitches are:

  1. Buttonhole stitch, and
  2. Cast-on stitch

and I am 100% planning on doing a tutorial on how to do both stitches and this flower. Once I finally get my butt into gear and do video tutorials that is πŸ™ˆ - lol!

Elyse Myers & Family Piece

I know I've said it before; I try not to have a favourite when it comes to the portrait pieces that I make, but this is definitely my current favourite. Sorry, not sorry! 🀣

Before I re-started the florals for this piece, I was really unhappy with how this piece was turning out. The other thing I actually redid (that I didn't document with a photo) was that I stitched the entire question lettering, I did it in a lighter grey rather than black. And you couldn't see it properly.
So I cut that out and redid it in DMC-310 and although I prefer to do my wording not in black, in this case on this fabric colour it definitely was the right choice.

So with those two major changes, I rediscovered my love for the piece as a whole. Which is just as important to me as the recipient loving the piece! If I don't love it, then I must be doing something wrong.

A setup display of the finished, hooped stitch people portrait. There are three people and beside them is hand embroidered flowers. Around the piece is floss and stitching supplies. The piece is upright in a stand.
The wording on the piece says:
"What does family mean to me? Great question; I would love to tell you."
She often asks a rhetorical question and answers with that line in her videos.

A close-up photograph of the left-side florals of the piece in question. The florals are done with hand embroidery.
Freehand, hand embroidery florals can be daunting but when you get it 'right', it is epic.

Final Thoughts

At the time of writing this, I don't know if the piece has been collected from her PO Box (assuming I sent it to the correct address!) but as it's been about a month since I sent it, I'm beginning to "let go" and be OK with it being a mystery, basically. I have reached out to her to make sure it arrived but given how many followers she has and the number of comments/shares/likes/etc she receives on her social media accounts, it isn't a surprise that I haven't heard back 😘 .

I would love to know what you think of this piece! Would you enjoy learning how to stitch florals like this? Do you follow Elyse? Is it cool to see my work-in-progress blunders? Let me know in the comments below!

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