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My Commissions & Gifts Made in 2022

by Kate Anderson on Mar 03, 2023

My Commissions & Gifts Made in 2022

2022 Wrapped Up

Last year saw me making some really unique and different portrait pieces, which was absolutely fantastic to do. I pushed my skills and improved my levels of detail and beauty with each new piece.

I know that these portraits are a luxury -and probably frivolous- item to have, but I honestly feel they are more important than one could put words into. I truly pour a piece of my heart into every stitch people portrait I create and I hope that that shows through with my final work.

So here's to all of the portraits I created in 2022.

Check out the video!


In 2021 I only got one single order with a pet in it. in 2022, I got a lot more! I'm so glad. They are tricky, but I love having pets in a final piece.

Scroll down to see some up-close details from a few of them (both characters and extras) and let me know what you think in the comments.


A cross-stitch chicken called "Robin" - it involves a lot of thread blending
Robin the very loved chicken. It involved SO much thread blending!
A photo of a cross-stitched bride and groom holding hands.'
A bride and groom looking absolutely spiffy.
Turkey work used to create the back of a woman's head
My first portrait of a couple from behind.
A cross-stitched woman wearing a long, pink, floral dress with wavy, brown hair.
I simply love how everything of this stitch woman turned out. The hair and dress!
A stitched woman and cat on brown fabric.
My customer got a new kitty after I had begun to start stitching, so I added it 😊
A cross-stitched dog and cat both sitting facing forward
I've changed how I stitch pets and I'm definitely preferring it!
An angled photo of a cross-stitched portrait. The couple are facing 'away' and the woman's hair is very 3D.
The messy bun I stitched for a cheeky gift piece.
Two cross-stitched people -one man, one woman- in black martial arts uniforms with black belts.
Two of the characters from my martial arts piece - The man is a custom pose I designed!


And here are some non-character-focused areas of detail that I am pleased with!

3D hand embroidered flowers. They're very intricately stitched and lots of detail can be seen.
Very detailed flowers that replicated the interesting background elelemts from photos provided.
Blanket stitched "circles" hand stitched to represent bubbles.
Bubbles from the piece shown above. I didn't want to just do French knots, and I think it turned out cute!
A cross-stitched person wearing a pink jumper that has a little white unicorn on the front.
A tiny little pink jumper with a teensy little unicorn on the front.
Brazilian emboidered floral arch design. There are pink wagon wheels and blue flowers done using a bullion stitch, amongst greenery.
Probably my favourite florals that I did in 2022. And that's saying something.
A close-up photo of a white flower on a green circular border with green flowers. It's all on a misty-blue fabric.
A very simple border of florals.
Two-toned blue cast-on stitched flowers and little bullion-stitched white flowers amongst green leafage, all hand stitched.
Delicate blue and white flowers.
One very small cross-stitched bee.
A teensy little cross-stitched bee.
Photo of hand embroidered florals. There are a lot of different stitches being used for this section and the piece is very intricate.
I'm so glad I unpicked the first thing I stitched here..!

Let me know in the comments below, what detailed piece is your favourite!

Ordering your own

If you are thinking about ordering a portrait this year, I encourage you to get in touch sooner rather than later. Especially if it is a gift!

Cross-stitch and embroidery (but especially cross-stitch) is not a fast hobby. I've done a lot of posts over on Instagram about this if you're interested but basically, it is slow. So if you're wanting to order a gift that will blow someone away; like what you've seen in this post, I would love to chat with you!

πŸ’Œ Kate

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