FlossTube #74 - Teacher & Therapist Gifts Are Finished!

FlossTube #74 - Teacher & Therapist Gifts Are Finished!


Release date: 13/05/2024

Watch time: 23:17

What's happened?

A FlossTube that I expected to be shorter in length but in true Kate fashion I managed to natter away into a regular amount of time. LOL!

I share all my completed stitched teacher & therapist gifts for 2024, share progress on the small handful of WIPs I've touched on, talk about more website content that's new and future plans revolving my "Flower Field"... line? of products? I guess? Amongst other things!

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๐Ÿ‘‰ Please note!
Today (release of this video) I am having surgery on my toe [again!] so if there's anything broken or wonky with this FlossTube, let me know in the comments and hang tight! I will get around to fixing it as soon as I'm home and lucid.

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What's a FlossTube?

FlossTube is an online community brimming with creativity and camaraderie, centered around the love for all things needlework. Much like its cousin, YouTube, FlossTube is home to a plethora of channels run by passionate creators, affectionately known as "FlossTubers." These creators produce a wide variety of content, including project updates, tutorials, hauls (showcasing recent purchases), and even vlogs that provide a glimpse into their stitching journeys.

I'm hoping to build on my little community that I've got by expanding more to YouTube and what better way than to show off what I'm working on and boast about my latest finished pieces?

It's neat to be sharing with you all what I'm working on outside of regular social media posts, like the usual over at Instagram. I hope you're enjoying my FlossTubes! Don't forget to help out (for free!) by;

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Three women in red uniforms, smiling at the camera. They just completed a taekwondo belt test together!
Me & two of my friends from martial arts!
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