A new member of the family has joined us. Introducing; Noodle!

by Kate Anderson on Apr 14, 2023

A new member of the family has joined us. Introducing; Noodle!

We got a new fluff-ball!

During March (like I wrote about in my wrap-up post), we brought home a new family member. Noodle the cat!

He's a purebread Ragdoll cat from a breeder that lives about 90 minutes away from us. His colouring is Mitted Chocolate Lynx Point which basically means:

  • His colouring is on the milky-chocolate side
  • The colouring parts are striped (his face, ears and tail)
  • He has white feet
A white fluffy kitten with bright blue eyes dangling in Kate's arm. He looks all legs and it's quite funny.
He's a dangle-cat! This is his preferred way of being carried.

Of course, because he is a pointed cat breed, he has beautiful blue eyes. I look forward to seeing if they become darker or brighter as he ages..!

A white fluffy kitten lounging on Kate's feet, being very in the way. They're in a kitchen and you can see specks of potato skin on his fur.
His preferred position in the kitchen when I am cooking dinner. It's infuriating!


After we had the puppy-fiasco back in 2021, I personally was really hesitant on wanting to introduce another pet into our household.

I won't go into too much detail on what happened, but needless to say my eldest daughter (who is special needs) did not cope well and we knew that as Archie got bigger, not only her but her sister would struggle to enjoy living comfortably.

But I definitely felt shame after we returned him to the breeder. Like we didn't deserve to try again with a pet, even with an animal we know works in our family (since we have 2 cats already..!).

After a lot of soul searching (and hopeful pleas from my husband, who has always wanted more cats) I realised all my shame was stemming from assumptions and not reality. I didn't need to worry about what other people thought if we got a new pet. We didn't need to wait X amount of time before we could. There's no law that stipulates what we can and cannot do.

Three cats all of differing fur-colouring and ages, on different levels of a cat tower.
I finally got a photo of all three together! Noodle, Milo and Zoe (top to bottom).

So we did it. And even though he's only been in the family for a month so far, I cannot imagine our family without him now. He's so sweet and snuggly and lovely. He plays with Milo so well (and Milo in turn. He's doing amazingly with Noodle; I am so impressed actually!)

Fun fact; my husband actually chose his name. I was on the fence about it but once my kids heard the idea, the three of them ran with it (before we brought Noodle home) and it just stuck 🤣

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