Just in time for the warmer weather - 'Summer Vibes' stitch-along starts today!

by Kate Anderson on May 31, 2021

Just in time for the warmer weather - 'Summer Vibes' stitch-along starts today!

You're at it again!

After the positive feedback I received from my first two stitch-alongs, Simply Florals and Let's Relax , I feel like I'm on a roll! I'm enjoying doing hand-embroidery, designing patterns for it as well as stitching them to demonstrate it. So why not continue the trend?

What is a "stitch-along"?

In case you don't know the term "stitch-along" (or SAL for short), it means a group of people follow along with a creator with producing a finished 'stitch' (whether that's needlepoint, knitting, crochet, etc - anything with "stitches").
The creator of the pattern will basically live-stitch a piece while people who have purchased the pattern, their own materials and tools, create the same piece in their own space, in their own time at their own leisure. They can decide to join the live streaming or can catch a pre-recorded version of the stream after the fact (in my case, not every creator saves their live streams though).

How can I join the SAL?

It's easy! I will be streaming myself creating this pattern [again!]; "Summer Vibes" from the very beginning of preparing your fabric to the end, by finishing your hoop (and everything in between, obviously!). It will be streamed through my Instagram account starting TODAY at 2pm PDT. Click here to find this in your local time!

The live sessions will run Monday-Thursday at the same time until we finish the piece. I am expecting this to be a 2-3 week stitch-along, so buckle in!

The finished look of the Summer Vibes pattern
So many stitches to learn!

Do I need an Instagram account to join in?

Yes; if you wish to join live, Instagram will require you to create/log in to an account for you to be able to watch live. It's silly; but I guess they want to be able to track accounts and curate feeds and such, and not have "wandering" accounts or whatnot. I don't pretend to understand, I just know you will need it to join live.

If that doesn't work for you, I will be uploading the live session videos after they've happened to my YouTube account, so go subscribe over there to see when they pop up!

I want to join but I can't make it live!

That's no problem! After the stream is done, I will be uploading the session to my Instagram channel. That way you can use the "series" feature through the native Instagram phone app and stay on top of where you last left off!
So you can check it out at your own leisure, or even go back and watch it again!

Will there be closed captions?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't natively include live closed captions with their streams. However, as mentioned, I will be uploading the sessions to my YouTube channel, that way you can use either the captions that it auto-generates or (if it lets me), the captions I've entered. Just remember though! I am Australian, so I am unsure how well the auto-captions will hold up deciphering my accent. It might be rather amusing.

You can always ask me questions if it does mistranslate what I've said ❤️

What else?

I can't wait to see your work-in-progress for this too, so don't forget to use the hashtag #tlksal so I can see!

Do you have any questions or concerns that I haven't covered here? Please comment below if so and I'll do my best to answer! Either way though, I look forward to doing this adorable little pattern once again and with you all. It ought to be fun!

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