Straight Stitch // Hand Embroidery Stitches

Straight Stitch // Hand Embroidery Stitches

A photo of both a single and group of straight stitches
A single and group of straight stitches.️



Straight Stitch aka: Single Satin Stitch, Stroke Stitch






Basic crewelwork ribbonwork surface


Embellishment Filling in Grass Leaves Stems

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The fundamental Straight Stitch is the simplest among stitches. Understanding the method of guiding the needle through the fabric, inserting and withdrawing, stands as a pivotal requirement in mastering the art of not only achieving any other needlepoint stitch, but stitching overall.

Illustration depicting how to complete a straight stitch.
Illustration depicting how to complete a straight stitch.

It is versatile, adaptable to any thread, and can enhance the visual and textural elements with both subtle, intricate stitches or bold, substantial ones. Particularly effective when employed with delicate silk ribbons, the Straight Stitch offers a myriad of possibilities. Utilizing individual straight stitches, whether with thread, ribbon, or a blend of both, allows for the creation of various natural elements such as grass clusters, insect legs, leaf veins, and beyond.


Here are some projects you can complete that include this stitch!

more coming soon…

Reference: RSN Stitchbank

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