The Difference In Prices Between Here & Etsy

As I'm sure you will have noticed, I currently list all of my patterns for sale in 2 locations; This website (via the processing portal: Gumroad) and via Etsy. I do this for a few reasons but the main one is that I know Etsy is a name that a lot of people trust with their sensitive information (read: their credit card information and address), whereas my website and Gumroad aren't instantly "trusted" and therefore, people are wary of sending their personal information just to get a cross-stitch pattern or three.

You also may have noticed that there are some price discrepancies between these two stores and wondered what is going on there. Well, it's actually a really simple reason why.

Image saying 'Open 24 hours'
Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

Etsy has recently been changing their fees. These are hidden to buyers and are all taken straight from the seller (obviously). Unfortunately, this means I receive less after-the-fact from their payout, especially when compared to Gumroad. It makes sense why they would increase their prices since part of using their marketplace, I'm getting access to a reputable website that does their own advertising.

I'm not ready to completely drop Etsy as a selling platform, especially since my custom cross-stitch portraits are still currently exclusively sold through there, so I made the decision to increase the prices of patterns a little to compensate for the fees change.

Unfortunately, as per Etsy's terms of use, I am not allowed to link from the product listing that you could potentially get the pattern you're looking at a cheaper price. This is why every link I post via social media is directed to my website, and my website's purchase links are all processed through Gumroad.

So in closing, I just want to add that if for some reason you're wishing to share any of my items, firstly; thanks! Secondly; I would ask you to use appropriate URLs that are directed to my website here, at Two Little Kits. It also means that if any internal URLs are changed for some reason, the person -or people- you're linking to will have access to the correct, most up-to-date link.