Introducing Two Little Kits

Feeling lost, stuck, behind and curious, I found myself falling back into creating artwork -both physical and digital- after having kidlet #2 and moving across to the other side of the world (but not in that order).

I'm better known online as Pixel Nourish however, I have felt a bit confined to producing digital works under that pseudonym (because of the 'pixel' part, really).

So I decided to create Two Little Kits. A place I could collate non-digital work (or at least, things that didn't start out as digital work) without saturating my original identity.

The Two Little Kits name was inspired by my own two daughters. I am prone to calling my children “kidlets” as a form of endearment and the train of thought ran from there (with a baby fox being called a 'kit').

Due to said two small girls, things are moving slow and irregularly, but a website, social presence and portfolio are being created and/or built. Second guessing myself on everything from how to build the first iteration of the website, what niche to focus on first to whether I should open a storefront at the same time has been hindering also, as expected.

You'd think since I've done this whole 'freelancing' dealio, I'd know what I would be doing, right?

I look forward to seeing what the future has in store though. Not only for Two Little Kits or Pixel Nourish, but also for my two little kits.