Off for a holiday - upcoming 2 week break

What's happening?

The day has finally arrived! Tonight, my little family and I will be flying out of LAX and are headed back to Australia. After some visa-changing appointments, we're on a mini holiday πŸ˜ƒ

What does that mean for my order?

For any digital orders; nothing will change!

If you have a question regarding a digital order between now and the end of March, replies to you will be delayed a bit but I will still have internet access and will get to answering any queries when I can.

For custom portraits; I only have 2 in the works right now which I am bringing with me to work on in Australia but if you decide to order one for me to make, the only change you'll expect is a slight delay on when you'll receive a design to proof and approve. My timeframe to complete pieces has this vacation accounted for and the expected delivery date is what you ought to expect.

In the meantime?

I have the #11 Overwatch hero setup to release on March 25th as expected (You can preorder Ashe today!) I have organised and packed so many little projects to work on but otherwise? I'm looking forward to sharing my home country with my kids πŸ₯°