We adopted a new member into our family!

Introducing Milo

For a while now, my husband and I have been looking for the perfect 2nd cat to join our family. A friend for our other kitty, Zoe, a snuggle buddy for him and a new playmate for our girls.

We came across a page on a rescue site for a 3 month old Siamese x Snowshoe kitten and couldn't pass up on meeting him. The next day we saw him and instantly fell in love. He came home with us that night and he's been so great!

I wasn't expecting a new pet that would be so chill (when not already super excited) about all my cross-stitching supplies but he's been so good with everything.

So welcome to the family, little Milo. I hope you enjoy snuggling with me while I stitch for many years to come.