Colour Palette - January 2020

New [monthly?] idea

I've decided this year to try out swatch ideas for inspiration not only for myself, but for anyone!

Each month, I plan on taking a photograph I quite like aesthetically and choosing a colour palette from it. Then, taking those colours and converting it to DMC flosses. As you've no doubt realised, I work exclusively in DMC floss. I'm not endorsed by the company DMC, I just love the quality and options provided.

The chosen palette for January
The chosen palette

I had to -of course- begin with my sort of signature image, found on the website Unsplash. Side note; I'm not exactly sure why I felt this image would represent my brand so well, but it's served me nicely. It's such a calming, interesting, slightly abstract photo but also not overpowering or direct.

So now we have our colour scheme, let's convert these RGB colours into DMC colours!

171, 190, 216 3840
217, 230, 242 3841
240, 212, 188 950
187, 109, 67 435
214, 166, 140 422
The actual floss colours
The floss colours themselves!

Beach-y themed colour palette

So keeping in mind there 16,777,216 different available colours when using the RGB scale (256×256×256) and only 500 colours in the DMC selection, sometimes getting the absolute perfect colour can be a bit tricky. Sacrifices and allowances must be made.

But looking at these colours together, I think this would make a lovely palette. What kind of things can you see yourself making from these colours?