Moira, the sassy, sarcastic scientist is now available to stitch!

I initially didn't like Moira when I first played her on the Beta. She felt clunky and silly. Then when she was released, I gave her more of a chance and -as a healer main- she's probably my most go-to character to play, especially when someone else has already chosen to play Mercy.⁣

Get the "Moira" pattern

I'm so pleased to be able to release my Moira cross-stitch pattern today, as my 14th Overwatch hero! I am really happy with how she came out, especially her damage & healing orbs.

Pattern demo
Example of the pattern

Moira uses 15 different colours (which was tough to keep down in number but stay true to her original hero skin) and like all my other heroes with "realistic" hair, has the option to just cross-stitch her hair if that is more your style. I encourage you to have fun with her two orbs - the design is just to give you an idea!

Don't forget to tag your works in progress or completed pieces on social media using the hashtag #tlkow. I would love to see how you are going or what you've done!

But most of all; I hope you enjoy stitching Moira. ❤️️