Soldier: 76 is out now and ready to stitch!

I have had a couple of people request Soldier: 76 in the past so I'm pleased to have him ready and stitched up!

I enjoy playing Soldier in game quite a bit. I've got a long way to go before my aim is as good as other players but it's still great to land those key helix rocket kills or throw down a clutch heal.

Get the "Soldier: 76" pattern

Soldier consists of 15 different colours and is relatively easy to whip up, especially compared to other hero designs. He also uses quite a few of the new DMC colours (4 of the 35 to be exact) which is nice!

Don't forget to tag your works in progress or completed pieces on social media using the hashtag #tlkow. I would love to see how you are going or what you've done!

But most of all; I hope you enjoy stitching Soldier: 76. ❤️️

Example of the pattern

Next hero up! Soldier: 76 is my 18th hero design completed, which I'm pleased to have done. I've had a few requests for...

Posted by Two Little Kits on Monday, June 17, 2019