Sombra is available now!

Man, I love playing Sombra. I'm not that great at her, but she is a lot of fun to rush around a map on, hacking the enemy team, stealing health packs and quickly unloading a clip.

Example of the pattern

She's also got a great colour scheme which is a gradient purple-to-indigo/blue. It was difficult to replicate exactly, as all gradients are in such a small cross-stitch form (like Tracer's pants), but I think I did it justice.

Easy to read pattern

As the same with all my other patterns, Sombra is easy to pickup and get started with straight away. Her completed stitch uses 13 DMC colours and basic (usual) embroidery stitches. Nothing fancy or daunting!

I'd say she is very beginner friendly, especially if you cross-stitch her hair rather than do it using long stitches.

IGTV Hair process video "How To"

However, if you do want to stitch her hair to simulate what you see from my preview images, I did the pricess as a video for my IGTV channel. Check it out and let me know if it helps you in any way.

Don't forget to tag your works in progress or completed pieces on social media using the hashtag #tlkow. I would love to see how you are going or what you've done!

But most of all; I hope you enjoy stitching Sombra. ❤️️

Get the "Sombra" pattern

The next Overwatch hero pattern to be released is going to be Brigitte on July 15th. Another one of my favourite heroes to play in game 😁