A Reminder To Keep Only What 'Sparks Joy'

Does it "Spark Joy"?

I released a new pattern a little early today. I couldn't help myself!

Inspired by the extremely well known (at least within my circle of friends and family!) KonMarie method of asking yourself if something "Sparks Joy" to decide if it is worth keeping or thanking and letting it go from your life. This is just a cute little reminder to yourself.

Have you watched the show or read the book? I personally heard about this method of tidying a long time ago initially through the folding technique for your clothes.

When the Netflix special was released, I absorbed all the episodes, which gave me that flame to want to get into trying her methods for myself. I purchased the audiobook version of the KonMarie book (I struggle to find the mental bandwidth to sit and read something) and I can tell, once I'm ready to begin, it will help me out so much.

This piece is extremely beginner friendly. There's only regular cross-stitches and simple backstitches. No fractional stitches, no intricate backstitching, no french knots; nothing of the sort.

Hopefully the finished piece (stitching on 18ct, fits into a 5x7 matted frame) sparks joy to you! ⁣⁣