Torbjörn - now available to stitch

I think everyone can agree that getting a Torb on an enemy team in mystery heroes is so frustrating. Despite his small stature, he and his turret can be a force to be reckoned with!

Get the "Torbjörn" pattern

Following the release of his in-game-lore daughter, Torbjörn is my 21st character to be released. He -and his turret- have 14 DMC colours recommended to use to create this piece and can squeeze nicely into a 3" hoop, despite also including his turret.

To create his amazing facial hair, I have done a long-cut turkey work stitch, braided it and then secured it at the bottom in place. You will want to follow the pattern included that show him without facial pair, so you don't have missing body parts underneath. Just in case.

Don't forget to tag your works in progress or completed pieces on social media using the hashtag #tlkow. I would love to see how you are going or what you've done!

But most of all; I hope you enjoy stitching Torbjörn. ❤️️