The Office - Counted Cross-Stitch Sampler

Cross-Stitch Sampler.

The Office -specifically, the Americanised version- was an amazing mockumentary sitcom starting in the early 2000’s and if you haven’t seen it, then I truly envy you because being able to watch it again for the first time would be so good.

In case you’ve lived under a rock; The Office is [as mentioned] a mockumentary (AKA: A mock documentary) about the workers of a paper company and their lives and interactions. It might sound dull and that’s part of the appeal. You will no doubt know of many classic one-liners from the show (“That’s what she said!”) and you must have heard about the relationship trope of “Jim & Pam”.

Similar to my Parks & Rec pattern, I have done my best to squeeze a lot of iconic items and imagery from the show. Including only two lines from the show was… a painful process… but again, similar to the other sampler, I wanted to keep it as imagery based as possible. Also including EIGHTEEN different, integral characters? Well, that wasn’t easy..!

I hope you enjoy your time stitching this pattern. Designing it and building it was a three-year process and I am excited to get it into your stitchy hands.

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Helpful info:

  • Finished size: 7.9" x 9.5" when using 14ct Aida cloth
  • Colours used: 48 total
  • Stitches used: Cross-stitch, half-stitch and backstitch (and a few french knots)


  1. Full-colour pattern
  2. Black & white pattern
  3. Symbol chart
  4. List of required(/suggested) DMC thread colours which includes 1 varigated floss

Tips & Notes:

  • Due to the nature of a digital download, refunds will not be given.
  • This pattern is a PDF instant download, so you can get started straight away.
  • Don't forget to leave space around your piece for framing!
  • Any finished piece from this pattern may not be sold. All photos and listing text are copyrighted.

You can relive all your favourite memories from the hit TV show,