Latest Pieces & Break Information

Most Recent Stitch People Portraits

I haven't shared the stitch people families, couples and portraits I've done since mid-October. I wanted to rectify that! Below you can see the custom stitch people I've done.

Of course, I've kept myself busy making my own patterns and fonts in that time too!

Are you interested in ordering your own stitch people piece? Head over to my shop to choose the type of piece you're after!

Break Information?

I'm so excited; the 2nd half of March, we will be headed back over to Australia for a 2 week visit! This will be the first time since we moved to the USA over 3 years ago that we're travelling back. Our list of things to visit and do is so long - we're trying to pack as much as possible into such a short period of time 😆

This means that starting March 11th, All the listings for stitch people pieces will temporarily be delisted and questions about patterns you've purchased (or wish to buy) will have delayed responses.

I'm sure you can all totally understand this! If you do end up placing a stitch people order before this date (for example, the 10th of March), the order will be fulfilled! My shipping timeframe is still currently set to 6-8 weeks. It just means the design process will take "longer".

Thank you all in advance for your understanding. I look forward to continuing to make custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork with you all!