Recent Projects from April, May & June

by Kate Anderson on Jun 01, 2019

Recent Projects from April, May & June

Updates & Priorities

I've been busy stitching when I can outside of us having moved house mid-May but unfortunately, I haven't had the time to stay up-to-date on blog posts and sort of social media posts.

So I wanted to rectify that a bit by having a little bit of a round-up post of some patterns I released in both April and May that I haven't written about. I have so many patterns that are designed ready and waiting but the last time I did an Instagram stories poll about whether I should release a pattern before stitching it up first, it was a resounding "No" from the responses. So unfortunately, things are slow going.

'High Functioning' Cross-stitch Pattern

"High Functioning"

Sherlock inspired piece. I was late on the bandwagon for this show but love it enough that I've watched it at least 3 times in full. For this piece, I did an accompanying IGTV of how to stitch his infamous hairstyle.

'Proud Woman' Cross-stitch Pattern

"Proud Woman"

In other things I've watched more times than a normal person would, the three specials on Netflix by John Mulaney also fit this bill. I can't pick a favourite of the three, let alone a favourite joke of his, but I wanted to do a stitch people piece of him and what better than to include his own description of himself?

'Earthquake' Free Cross-stitch Pattern


Keeping with the Sherlock theme, I wanted to do a free little piece to accompany the "High Functioning" pattern. Every time I've watched the episode, I have a good laugh at this line. It's so random and "sherlock-like".

'Welcome Home' Cross-stitch Pattern

"Welcome Home"

This one was in the works for quite some time as you may well know, if you follow me on social media (especially on Instagram) but it felt poignant to get it done around the same time as I moved.
It's probably the biggest piece I've designed and stitched so far, so I'm nervous about what people think!

Overwatch Heroes

Of course I've been doing my best to keep up-to-date with releasing an Overwatch hero once per fortnight. I was late with hero #16 by a day, but I think that being the first time I was late isn't too bad so far!

Hanzo - Overwatch Hero Cross-stitch Pattern


Hanzo was a toughie to stitch, but that honestly could've been due to the house move. His splash of blue and yellow was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to add the trinkets and such he carries with him.

He comes in at 1.72" x 1.78" on 18ct Aida cloth and uses a total of 18 colours!

Get the "Hanzo" pattern

Widowmaker - Overwatch Hero Cross-stitch Pattern


Widowmaker is brand new today! It was so nice to have a purple-heavy pattern to stitch up, as this project has made me realise just how much grey is a part of each character design.

She uses 16 colours total, fitting into the regular 3" hoop like all my "normal" humanoid heroes do (on 18ct).

Get the "Widowmaker" pattern


My two daughters have their birthdays during the month of June, so I've been busy at work making them each a keepsake cross-stitch piece that they can treasure.

I've had interest in both of these being released as purchasable patterns, so stay tuned for that being a possibility in the upcoming future.

What might you like to see as a pattern in the future done by me? Get in touch and we can have a chat!

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