Merch! Oh man, I have Merch!

by Kate Anderson on Jan 13, 2023

Merch! Oh man, I have Merch!

Do you generally use things and wear clothing?

If you're like a majority of people, you probably do. Which is great! I have started [as of last week] selling merchandise and apparel! And it's stitchy-themed - so even better!

As I alluded to in my latest FlossTube, I'm a little nervous about these new products of mine. Lack of interest and poor sales really bums me out (which I'm sure I'm not alone with) and it takes me a lot of mental and emotional effort to not take it personally or see it as a failure of my character. But as this is something I've poured hours and hours over numerous weeks to set up -which can be said about most things I create, honestly- it's sort of like having a baby and showing it to the world to say "Do you love it as much as I do?".

Anyway, despite all of that… check out what I currently have available to purchase!


Regardless of whether you also call it a "jumper" or you call it a "sweater", there's a high likelihood that sometimes, you need to keep warm. And what better way than to have a fleecy, cosy warm top with long sleeves to put on the top half of your body that is also stitchy-themed?

I own one of these (I got one as a sample product before launching my merch!) and I guarantee you: it is perfection. If I didn't have to wash it on occasion, I think for the remainder of this winter I would just wear that.

It comes in a unisex fit (which is somehow flattering on my figure..!) and is available in 4 different colours. And the best part? The design on the front is embroidered 😘👌

Grab yours today

Stock image of a woman wearing my merch


Now, some might say I have too many tote bags. And those people might be right. Who's to say? Not me, because I think I might just need one more…

If you're like me, you quite often find yourself stitching on the go. I am almost daily, bringing one of my WIPs out and about with me, whether it's to my daughter's martial arts class or my other daughter's speech therapy session. I always am needing to carry at least one project with me, lest I go stir-crazy.

So having a tote to throw not only my project in, but a water bottle and something to munch on is imperative.

Needing a stitchy-themed tote in your life? Look no further. Also, brand new as of today; you can get the design on a larger, tan tote, shown in the picture here!

Carry in stitchy-style

Two totes hanging on a stock image wall of my merch


So I hear that in the USA alone, about 65% of the population drinks at least one cup of coffee per day.

I can't say that I'm a part of that statistic *ducks barrage of light-hearted internet hate*, but what I can conclude from that is coffee mugs are a daily necessity. Right?

I also know that mugs make great gifts for people. Even if "people" is yourself. Hey, I'm not one to judge!

So why not combine your love for bitter-tasting brown liquid with your love for the daily "trying not to stab yourself in the fingers" with needle & floss craft? Sounds good to me!

Cheers to these

A stock image of my merch

New! T-shirts

Brand new, as of today (and as promised!) I bring to you: "Stitch Repeat" t-shirts!

I had a handful of people tell me "Oi, Kate! I live in the southern hemisphere! It's summer right now!" and "Hey! I live practically on the equator. I don't have any need for a sweater, really". And fair cop there, friends.

So assuming you do wish to cover your flesh prisons with fabric, I bring to you t-shirts. And in SIXTEEN different colours! 🤯

Mind you, creating that many different colour options have likely set me up for future frustration (Gumroad's system for more than one variable is horrendous at best as of writing) but to that, I say silence, future-Kate! Pish posh! And hopefully, you all appreciate it instead.

So the next question is: What colour will you pick?

Which colour will you choose?

A stock image of a woman wearing my merch

I'm excited!

I did a lot of research and thought into how I could make merch and apparel work for me and my situation and I think I've settled on the best thing for me and my family, as well as being a designer who is new to the scene, basically.

Everything is being created through a website called Printful which -so far- has been pretty painless to organise and set up. Printful is a print-on-demand company, so although it means you might be waiting an extra day for delivery, it saves on the wasted product (stock that doesn't sell) as well as saves me on space as I don't have to hold on to the product before it sells.

All in all: It seems like it's destined to be a good system for me and my current situation!

If you have any questions about any of my merch, please don't hesitate to reach out - I'm happy to help if I can!

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