Recent Commission - The Bennett Family Stitch People Portrait

The Bennett Family

Did I go a bit extra? Well… yeah. But was it worth it? Absolutely!

I present to you; the Bennett family portrait! A four-person stitch people cross-stitch & embroidery piece with large, extra embellishment of an autumn-themed tree.

The Bennett Family in words
I used the font 'Daphne' for this portrait
Close-up of cross-stitches and french knots
The lovely fall-themed tree
The Bennett Family people
The cute little family themselves
I even did a carved heart on the tree

It's arrived safely at it's final destination and I'm so relieved. After the debacle earlier this year with USPS misdelivering a portrait of mine (which, I might add, is still an open case and I have not received my insurance money back yet! Grr) I'm finding the sending of my completed projects to me so much more nerve-wracking than any other part of the project.

I've realised I ought to do a wrap up post like this when I complete a finished piece. It'll give me closure and show everyone the process/finished piece properly; give it the send off it deserves, I guess!

What do you think of this kind of news post? Write a comment below!