Gifts for my girls' birthdays - the finished result

Birthday presents!

So in case I haven't mentioned, my daughters have their birthdays one day after the other. This was definitely not planned (hah!) and honestly, I'm just glad they don't share a birthday date. Alex, my youngest, turned 3 on the 11th and Charlie, my eldest, turned 5 on the 12th. It'll get easier for both that they don't get to open presents on two days running but right now, it is what it is.

It was a little difficult to choose what to stitch for each girl but in the end I think their presents will stand the test of time.

Honestly, the nicest thing is, I could've swapped the presents between the girls and both would have been just as happy to receive their gift. They are definitely their own people with their own likes and dislikes but they do share quite a lot of hobbies and such.

Alex; my youngest daughter, holding her birthday present

"True Friends"

My now-three-year-old adores the show "True and the Rainbow Kingdom" on Netflix. She already knows the majority of all the Wishes on the show by the way they look and thinks Bartleby (the purple cat) is hilarious.

It was awesome to give myself the challenge on how to depict these two characters using the 'Stitch People' style. I love the idea I had for their eyes (the tv characters have quite oversized, 'cutesy' eyes, so this fits perfectly.) and it was awesome to work with such bright colours. And a wide array!

Charlie; my eldest daughter, holding her birthday present

"Minecraft Animals"

My oldest adores animals. She has limited speech and has been diagnosed with ASD and delays, so when she works something out that we can understand, she hyper-focuses on it. Naming animals is one of those things.

So when my husband -her dad- showed the girls Minecraft for the first time, she was in awe. "Pig!" "Cow!" "Chik!". It's so lovely to watch her get excited over things we take for granted.

I tried to replicate the mottled look for the minecraft animals' in-game skins. This, however, racked up the colour count for the pattern to 28! So this piece looks simple and humble, but it probably took me just as long to stitch as the other piece.