Doomfist out now as 15th cross-stitch pattern!

It took me a lot longer than I'd care to share to design Doomfist's signature fist. It was too small, too big, too round, etc. I'm pleased with the end result, as I feel it matches the style of my Overwatch character designs, rather than completely replicate the hero himself in game.
And that has been a running reminder to myself when designing all of the heroes. It doesn't (and shouldn't) be a copy of them but a stylised, simpler version!

Get the "Doomfist" pattern

In all honesty; I don't enjoy playing Doomfist in the game. But that doesn't mean I dislike him as a character and his style. He's a badass!

Doomfist consists of 12 colours to create him. Compared to my other Overwatch hero patterns, Doomfist is really simple and pretty beginner friendly. There is fractional stitches, half-stitches and backstitching, but I'd still recommend giving him a go! The colours used are quite common for other heroes I've designed so you shouldn't need many new ones.

Have fun with the spikes and tattoos on his arms. I've given a guideline in the design of what they roughly look like in game but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun!

Don't forget to tag your works in progress or completed pieces on social media using the hashtag #tlkow. I would love to see how you are going or what you've done!

But most of all; I hope you enjoy stitching Doomfist. ❤️️