Stitch People Pieces from Nov & Dec Last Year

Productive end to 2019

I never intended to make myself busy for the end of the 2010s decade. But -I guess as expected- I found myself with orders and with ideas I had given a strict timeframe, so stitching the last 6 weeks of the year away, 2019 went out with a bang.

I just wanted to share some of the pieces I managed to complete in this short period of time, as I'm proud of my work! It's great to hear feedback on it from my peers, potential customers and anyone who may stumble on my website. I put in a lot of work into each piece I create (especially my stitch people portraits) and being able to show them off is one of the best parts!

Upcoming & WIPs

I have so many ideas. My to-do list for patterns is as long as my arm. I currently have… *counts* 4 work-in-progress pieces (which is actually less than I expected!) as of writing and I have to control myself to not start on more, as I have at least that many more completed designs ready to go too.

Don't forget about pieces other pattern designers have made that I desperately want to stitch up..! There are so many of those that I wanna do..! When does that time machine that I'm sure someone is working on happen? Or those extra kid-free hours in the days take effect?

But anyway; I don't email often, but it is one thing I'm hoping to do more than the 2-or-3-times-per-year I currently do. So if you'd like to join my mailing list to find out when new patterns are released, sign up today so you're instantly in the know. I also do the occasional discount code or special treat that are only available for subscribers.

What might you like to see as a pattern in the future done by me? Get in touch and we can have a chat! I'm always open to ideas or discussing something custom!