I won a 2019 'Stitchy Award'!

Earlier this year it was brought to my attention that I had won internet points (πŸ˜‚) without realising! I didn't actually know that Stitch People were doing a bunch of awards, so when I found out, I was not only pleased, but extremely surprised!

I can't recall if I've mentioned it before; I'm a part of a pretty large Facebook group that is dedicated to Stitch People. It's been really helpful, inspiring and motivational for me. Seeing the portrait pieces people pour hours and hours of their lives into, things that people come up with for ideas, how others execute concepts - I really value the group. So seeing my work taken notice and appreciated by others? It's a good feeling.

Screenshot of 'The Stitch Awards' blog post
My finished cross-stitch piece that won me 'sorest fingers'

Curious about seeing the piece in question? View on Instagram for some close-up shots!

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